Fostering Success


We want to nurture and grow our different portfolio companies and give them all possible support to become the successes we know they will be!

Support by a team of experts, so our portfolio companies can concentrate on their main activity: making amazing entertainment

> Organisation finances, accounting, legal,

> Marketing, design, art,

> Project management.

Positioning of INVIGA

> Seeds: creation of video games studio or game industry provider

> Serie A: first significant round of venture capital financing for the company

> Serie B: funding round to take the business of the company to the next level

Priority countries : Belgium, France, NL and Germany

Investment ticket: 100 K€ to 5 M€

Selection and funding process

Investment Committee & Selection tools

> Entrepreneur 100% involved

> A proven innovative or creative track record

> A clear business model

> An excellent knowledge of the market’s stakes

> Local value-added job creations

> Contributing to a more sustainable eco-system

Transaction negotiation

> Valuation of the company by an expert advisor

> Legal affairs by an expert advisor

> Negotiation of the % of capital share regarding the amount of the investment

Post Closing development

> Quarterly meetings with KPI and actions review

> Strategy: competition analysis, market stake, hiring

> Finance: business plan

> Governance: board member or observer and coaching

> Network: added-value providers


> Euronext Access/Growth IPO

> Investor private deal

> Take-over



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